Santa Cruz Community Church

Sermon Sets

2012 Sermons

David and Saul,
My will or the Lord's will


It's Really Lonely Here At The Bottom
January 1st 2012

Occupy Me, Jesus, So Things Can Start To Change
January 8th 2012

1,2,3 - Who?
January 15th 2012

I Have Fought The Bad Fight
January 22nd 2012

You May Be Alive For The Rest Of Your Life
January 29th 2012

Jesus' Betrayer And The Church

It's Definitely Not Me, So It Must Be You
February 5th 2012

I Don't Really Know Where To Begin
February 12th 2012

I Can Do This
February 19th 2012

This Is Harder Than I Thought
February 26th 2012

I Think I've Got It
March 4th 2012

Back To Square One
March 11th 2012

Of Course It Was, I'm So Embarrassed
March 18th 2012

Let's Settle This Once And For All
March 25th 2012


I See You, But I Can't Find You
April 15th 2012

Men Beware, Women In Prayer
April 22nd 2012

It Aint Over When It's Over
April 29th 2012

The Old Days Were Not Really Very Good Ones
May 6th 2012

The Mathematics Of Peace
May 13th 2012



Where Did All This Money Come From?
June 3th 2012

It's Time To Move Closer To The Front
June 10th 2012

Oh, I See! It's The Lords Fault!
June 17th 2012

We Just Can't Seem To Win For Losing
June 24th 2012

Are You Trusting In A Breakable God?
July 1st 2012

One Man's Treasure
Is Another Man's Disaster

July 8th 2012

If You Really Want Things To Change,
You've Got To Make Some Changes

July 15th 2012

Read The Book!
July 22th 2012

Somebody Read The Book!
July 29th 2012

I Keep Thinking We Forgot Something
August 5th 2012

Spending Someone Else's Money
August 12th 2012

Bringing The Ark To The Temple;
Completion & Dedication Of The Temple

August 19th 2012

The Only Thing You Can’t Get On The Internet
August 26th 2012

Take Off That Uniform, Soldier!
September 2th 2012

          Armor Of God Series

Don’t Let The Devil Pull Down Your Pants
September 9th 2012

This Vest Is Going Into The Dumpster
September 16th 2012

I Can’t Keep These Flip Flops on My Feet
September 23rd 2012

Come Out! Come Out… Wherever You Are!
September 30th 2012


You’ve Got to Be Out of Your Mind!
October 7th 2012

Swing and a Miss, Strike 3 (Available on CD only)
October 14th 2012

Be Careful! This Church Is Dangerous!
October 21st 2012

Is This the Same Jesus You Know?
October 28th 2012

Who’s Laughing Now? (Available on CD only)
November 4th 2012

Thank God for the Fleas!
November 11th 2012

Other Sermons

Palm Sunday
My What Is Coming?
April 1st 2012

Easter Sunday
Something Happened, But Nothing's Happened
April 8th 2012

Message by Rev. Rose Warren
May 20th 2012

Panic Or Poise by Rev. Dan Myers
May 27th 2012