Santa Cruz Community Church

Sermon Sets

2013 Sermons

I Want to Know What Love Is
January 6st 2013

Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key
February 10th 2013

Unknown Title
February 17th 2013

Eating Without Washing Our Hands Is Not Our Biggest Problem
February 24th 2013

Somebody Should, Anybody Could, Nobody Is
April 7th 2013

Life’s Three Most Difficult Questions
April 14th 2013

When It’s God’s Will, There’s a Way!
April 21th 2013

Now, Aren’t You Sorry You Asked?
April 28th 2013

How Do We Answer These 5 Ridiculous Questions?
May 5th 2013

Forgetting What We Should Remember, And Remembering What We Should Forget
May 12th 2013



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